Train Ticket Status Check By PNR Number

(Indianrail Online Seva Xyz) Check your train ticket's PNR status online. Enter the 10 digit PNR number of your Indian Railways train ticket to get live PNR status. To know whether your ticket is confirmed or not, which coach and which seat number has been allotted to us, find out online,

Do you also want to check the status or details of the train ticket number, which we also call PNR number, whether the ticket is confirmed or pending, check online, as well as at which station your train will stop on which platform online Find out, as well as which coach of the train, which we also call the train compartment, and in which coach of the train, how many seats have been issued for our ticket, now you can check the correct PNR number, at what time the train He may know what is to come.

To check the status of its PNR from train ticket number, enter your 10digit PNR number here and check.

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In front you will find service related to Indian Railways. PNR stands for Passenger Name Reservation. The PNR status can be checked online also. PNR is assigned for every ticket. Once the waitlist movement happens, the status of PNR changes. At, you can set alerts for Waitlist movement as well as check the PNR status online, train number and name list search,all train station name and code list find...